Studi Beberapa Sifat Fisika dan Kimia Tanah pada Berbagai Komposisi Tegakan Tanaman di Sub DAS Solo Hulu

Sisca Winda Kumalasari, Jauhari Syamsiyah, Sumarno Sumarno


Title : The Study of Soil Physics and Chemical Character on Various Straightened Composition of Crop on Sub DAS Solo Hulu. This research  was conducted  in Sub DAS Solo Hulu area from October  2006 – February 2007. The aim of this research  was to study the effect of various  straightened  composition  of crop  to  soil  physics  and  chemical  properties.  The  change  will  be  seen  when  the  available vegetation  was more dominant  than vegetation  on the same area. This research used variable approach by survey in spacious and is supported by analysis in laboratory. T‐test and Correlation test was used in this research. The result of this research showed that according  to vegetation survey, there was get six straightened composition of crop. The most of straightened composition of crop was predominated  by Jati (Tectona grandis L.). Straightened  composition  of crop which predominated by Jati (Tectona grandis L.) giving effect of very real to some soil physics (soil pore, soil aggregate,  field capacity) and chemical properties  (pH H2O, pH KCl, organic matter, cation exchangeable  capacity, total N, available P, available K and basalt spacing) at this same of soil type (Entisols  and Alfisols).  The various  straightened  composition  of crop to effect soil physics and  chemical  properties  through  organic  materials  which  yielded  by  litter  material  and  crop activity of root. Various straightened composition of crop was predominated  by annual crop will yield   as   litter   material   which   is   more   compared   to   with   straightened   composition   of predominated by season crop. Because annual crop have longer life cycle from at season crop so that  can  render  as  litter  material  as  continually.  Organic  materials  decomposition  will  yield organic  acids  as one of the source  of organic  materials  of ground.  While  activity  of root will render  organic  materials  in  ground  through  flaking  back  part  of  root  of  organic  compound. Annual crop have root system ride, where its root hair can reach broader place so that organic compound which given into ground also progressively increase.
Keywords:  Sub  DAS  solo  hulu,  soil  physics  properties,  soil  chemistry  properties,  straightened  composition of crop

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