Momon Sodik Imanudin


Agriculture and irrigation policies in the tidal wetlands are often too general, thus at the level of farm units they are often inaccurate in term of quality and quantity. The research purpose was to analyze the groundwater levels and to determine the effect of groundwater levels in relation to some soil chemical characters in tidal wetlands P17-5S Mulyasari village Delta Telang II Banyuasin.  Indicators of potential land can be analyzed from parameters of variability of soil acidity, Al and Fe content, organic matter and phosphorus and nitrogen status of the soil. Managed limited area was the smallest unit of water management (tertiary plots). The decision was taken based on the dominant values of the hydro-physical and chemical characters. Input criteria design involved the nature of the soil, land use, and hydrology. The field study and analysis showed dominance in soil physical variability. Around 50% of hydraulic conductivity was classified rapid soil with soil acidity is relatively high, moderate nitrogen, low phosphorus, and moderate potassium. Based on these conditions, cropping pattern applied was rice-corn, rice-water melon, soil fertility can be improved through fertilization of N and P; increasing water gate in the tertiary plots, and the water management aimed to controlled drainage


Variability; groundwater; chemical characters; tertiary plots; tidal wetlands

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