Studi tentang Aspergilus Flavus dan Aflatoksin pada Tahap Budidaya Kacang Tanah dari Beberapa Lokasi Lahan Kering di Kabupaten Karanganyar

Sumijati Sumijati


Title : The Study of Aspergilus flavus  and Aflatoxin in Peanut Culture on Selected Dry-Land Fields at Karanganyar District. The study was aimed at: 1) Obtaining the data of Aspergilus flavus and Aflatoxin existence in soil and peanut pod of selected dry-land fields at Karanganyar district; 2) Observing the correlation between soil characteristics and the existence of Aspergilus flavus and Aflatoxin. This research was a comparative descriptive experiment, which was conducted from May to November, 2008. The method was by surveying five sub-districts of dry-land fields included: 1) Tasikmadu; 2) Karanganyar; 3) Mojogedang; 4) Jumantono, and 5) Jaten. The observation parameters were consisted of main variables (A. flavus in soil, A. flavus in peanut pod and aflatoxin in peanut pod) and sub-main variables (pH, organic C, total N, soil moisture content and peanut pod’s moisture content). The mean test was then employed to process the obtained data after the laboratory analysis, followed with correlation test to determine the interaction between main and sub-main variables. The results showed that all the selected locations were infected with A. flavus, with the highest population in soil was in the Jaten sub-district (143 cfu.g-1 soil) and the highest population in peanut pod was in the Jumantono sub-district (50.67 cfu.g-1 pod). None of the peanut pods were infected with aflatoxin. Total N, carbon C, pH and soil moisture influenced the existence of A. flavus in soil and peanut pod. Keywords: Aflatoxin, Aspergilus flavus, peanut

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