Kajian Status Hara Makro Ca, Mg, dan S Tanah Sawah Kawasan Industri Daerah Kabupaten Karanganyar

Eri Ariyanti, Sutopo Sutopo, Suwarto Suwarto


Title : Study of Paddy Soil Makro Nutrient Ca, Mg, and S StatusIn The Industrial Zona  in Karanganyar Regency. This research was aimed to mapping Ca, Mg, S nutrient status. soil analysis was done in the soil chemistry and fertility, Department Soil science of agriculture faculty sebelas maret university on May until July 2008. This research is descriptive explorative research trough soil survey and the soil analysis was executed in laboratory. Soil sampling is based on grid sampling technique by soil aspect and administration maps. Work maps for these research used scale 1:100.000. Making of land unit maps was base on overlay between soil ordo, slope, and soil texture maps. From the overlay was resulted 9 landscape. Nutrient status rating is base on Pusat Penelitian Tanah (1980). Data analysis can be done by calculating base on laboratory analysis result, then matching with the level of each nutrient. The result of this research show that Ca nutrient status is between low and high. The low Ca nutrient status is on SPL 3and 9, and the SPL that is included on the high status are SPL 2 and 8, and the others include on medium status. Available Mg nutrient status in the research area is on SPL 3, high level is on SPL 7 and 9, and the others is included on very high level. The very low S nutrient status is on SPL 9, the high nutrient status is on SPL 2 and 6 and the the others are the medium nutrient status. the lowest plant production is on the part of Wonosari and Dayu (SPL 9), i.e 0,8 ton/ha and the highest production is on the part of Tasikmadu and Kebakkramat subdistrict i.e 10 ton/ha. Industrial zone is the area that the most of its area is used for industrial development. The industrial zone of this research area is on SPL 2, 3 and 6. Ca nutrient status on the SPL 2, 3 and 6 very high, low and moderat. Mg nutrient status on the SPL 2 and 6 very high and on SPL 3 low. S nutrient status on the SPL 2, 3 and 6 very high, moderat and high. Key words: industrial zone, macro nutrient, nutrient status, soil maping unit

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