Kajian Efektifitas Pengendalian Hama Padi secara Alami dengan Semut Predator yang Bersarang di Tanah (Solenopsis geminata (F))

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Title : The Study of the effectiveness of Rice Pest Control naturally by Solenopsis geminata (F) as Soil Biological Agents. The research on Rice Pest Control with Soil Biological Agents Solenopsis geminata (F) has been implemented in the Karanganyar Region consists four districts. The districts are Karanganyar, Jumantono, Karangpandan, and Tasikmadu. The research was conducted by survey methods and field experiments. The study was conducted on paddy field with an average daily temperature of 32 ° C, and at 150 -350 m altitude above sea level. The main objective of this study was to determine the distribution and diversity of insects in the paddy field in Karanganyar. The locations were district of Jumantono, Karangpandan, and Tasikmadu. The results showed that the insect was in the vegetative phase in rice planting Karangpandan had 13 kinds of insects with the diversity index of Shannon-Weaner was 1.63, while for the district that the highest of diversity index value was Tasikmadu district by 2, 33 with the number of insects was 14. In the paddy field at generative phase, the lowest of index diversity was Karanganyar by 2,01; while the highest was in district of Karangpandan at 2,19.


biological controls; indeks Shanon-Weaner; Solenopsis geminata

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