Eni Siti Rohaeni, Ahmad Subhan


Abstract: Duck is one of the important commodities in South Kalimantan, as shown by the high population reached 3.487 million head with an egg contribute approximately 52.09% of the total production of poultry eggs, and duck meat production contributes about 3.59%. Common problems faced by farmers ducks in South Kalimantan is the high price of feed or feed ingredients, the limited diversity of feed ingredients that can
be used, duck egg production period is relatively short (4-6 months / period of production), as well as relatively low egg production and quality carcass of existing local ducks. To overcome these problems can be done one of them is the preparation of feed based on local feed ingredients are easily available and cheap availability, or search for a superior alternative which can produce a duck egg and meat production to meet consumer demand. The purpose of this study is to investigate and produce feed formulation for duck feed the queen through improved local-based feed ingredients. Activities conducted in farmers’ fields (on fram research) by way introduction / repair existing technologies or developing farmers. This activity is carried out in the central areas of ducks and consumer centers or close to local consumers is conducted in Handil Gayam village, Tanah Laut district. No feed treatment formulations 5, the difference in treatment between one to another by: A: completeness of feed ingredients
used; B: the use of snails; C: practicality; D: use of shrimp head; E: control. Observations were carried out for 8 months with parameters such as egg production, mean egg weight, feed consumption and conversion, and business analysis. Observed data were analyzed by looking at each treatment rataannya. Utilization of local feed ingredients are mixed with the feed so (commercial) and concentrate to increase the average egg production (60.40 to 66.5%) compared to controls (45.7%). Based on the analysis of the business, it is known that local improvements through utilization of feed for laying ducks (duck Queen) quite profitable and viable. Based on the assessment results shown that feed treatment D with feed formulation consists of (sago, rice bran, fish and shrimp head) is the best formulation for cheaper 60.36% of commercial feed, and quite profitable and viable when viewed from the R/C dan MBCR value of 1.56 and at 1.76. Based on this study it is suggested that farmers can adjust local feed ingredients used in consideration of the price, availability and season. Availability of feed ingredients depending on the season it can be done by means of processing or preservation or dried to make flour always available continuously.

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