Penambahan Air Kelapa dan IAA pada Pertumbuhan Tunas Pisang Raja Bulu secara In Vitro

Sarah Nur Ubaidah, Rossa Malinda, Hery Widjianto, Ahmad Yunus


Banana Raja bulu is one type of banana that has great export potential. The obstacles are slow growth and the limited number of seeds. In vitro propagation is an effort that is expected to overcome the problem. The research was conducted in Physiology and Biotechnology Laboratory of Faculty of Agriculture UNS March-July 2017. This research used Factorial Random Design (RAL), which consists of two factors. The first factor was the provision of coconut water consists of three levels, namely 50 ml/l, 100 ml/l, and 150 ml/l. The second factor was the Growth Controller (IAA) with four ie 0 ppm; 0,5 ppm; 1 ppm; and 1,5 ppm. The results showed that coconut water was able to increased the number of shoots, the number of roots, shoot height and accelerate the appearance of shoots, the appearance of roots on Raja bulu banana with a concentration of 100 ml/l as the best treatment that can increase these variables. IAA giving effect to the growth of Raja bulu banana. Coconut water 50 ml/l with IAA 0,5 ppm can increase the number of shoots.

Kata Kunci

Raja bulu Banana, Coconut Water, IAA, In vitro

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